Lessons from DevLearn 2019

Cenveo’s Kelly Lake provides a summary of this year’s Devlearn Expo, October 23-24 in Las Vegas.

KGL's Sanjay Tangri and Kelly Lake at DevLearn 2019

KGL’s Sanjay Tangri and Kelly Lake at DevLearn 2019

DevLearn continues to be a proven arena for industry collaboration and innovation. With topics focusing on new technology and services for the modern workforce, participants were able to hear directly from industry experts. Highlights ranged from a robot demonstrating the benefits of artificial intelligence and how robotics is changing the world of work, to augmented reality, tech humanism and generational learning design.

This year’s new focus was DevLaunch which enabled vendors to showcase a new product or service that they launched within the last 12 months. This gave participants instant access to the best deals, comparative pricing, advice, and the ability to see and try before they bought. This new approach put the participants in the driver’s seat and exposed them to what is new and what is coming in the way of learning technology, authoring tools, advanced instructional design and much more. This was a great addition to the DevLearn experience.

DemoFest provided the environment for attendees to showcase their best work in an interactive environment and discuss the tools, technologies, and processes they used in their projects. There were many innovative projects, and you can view this year’s winners in a complimentary Best of DemoFest Webinar.

We at Cenveo Learning featured our innovations for another year at DevLearn booth 331. This year, we revealed our new look and branding which I’m happy to say was well received. Additionally, we announced our global strategy for 2020 focusing on learning transformation, strategic consulting, enabling organizations to build and enhance scalable and lean ecosystems, advanced instructional experience design, translating analytics into an effective learning strategy, and performance improvement approaches for the modern workforce. As we met and spoke with attendees, it was great to see familiar and new faces.

This year we also participated in DevLaunch by introducing our new approach to millennial learning design, GenExperience. We developed an evidence-based, experiential design framework to motivate and engage younger workers in every step of the learning and development process. This provides organizations with the opportunity to expedite the challenging process of knowing what to create that will engage, infuse collaboration, and result in higher retention for their future leaders.

Throughout interactions with participants, vendors, speakers and DevLearn staff, there was a constant theme of community that streamed through all conversations: How do we collectivity solve workforce challenges? What are the best learning strategies for my industry? How do we keep up with the technology and its impact on learning? These questions and so many more are why we come together as an industry to collaborate, ideate and collectivity push the boundaries of what the human intellect can accomplish.

Our modern workforce continues to demand greater access to learning in collaborative and engaging ways. One thing we can be assured of, is the human quest for knowledge will continue to progress and it is our leaders, technologists, learners, and educators that will challenge the industry to meet the demand for learning excellence.

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