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5 Key Performance Indicators to Gauge Training Success

To gain insights into training success, you need to consider both qualitative and quantitative metrics in the form of KPIs.

Best Practices for Cybersecurity Training

Training employees on the latest cybersecurity intelligence using effective delivery methods will help organizations avoid constant threats.

6 Benefits of Using Avatars in Online Learning

The use of avatars or virtual humans in learning solutions has been rising dramatically, adding value and improving outcomes.

Learning through Mixed Reality in the Metaverse

MR experiences allow users to interact with a physical object or 3D hologram using their hands, with relevant information superimposed virtually.

Training for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The automotive industry is finding new ways to educate its workforce, technicians, dealers, and customers to ride the wave of EV adoption.

Learning in the Metaverse: The Future of Workforce Development

Extended Reality (XR) has the potential to make engaging, immersive, and personalized learning experiences available around the world.

Six Trends for Effective Healthcare Training

These trending innovations in workforce learning can help medical professionals overcome many challenges.

Implementing Blended Learning for the Hybrid Workforce: 5 Steps

How to successfully train both remote and in-person employees? The answer is blended learning.

7 Tips for Creating an Effective Women’s Leadership Training Program

Organizations that prioritize women’s leadership training will increase productivity and remain competitive.

Inclusive and Sustainable Learning Strategies for the Modern Workforce

Organizations are challenged to develop learning strategies that reflect learner needs, business goals, and cultural considerations.