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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Women’s Leadership Training Program

Organizations that prioritize women’s leadership training will increase productivity and remain competitive.

New Sustainable Learning Strategies for 2022

Highlights from our recent webinar discussion with experts across different industries on empowering the modern workforce.

Webinar Preview: Empowering the Modern Workforce

Host, Kelly Lake ask the speakers what’s coming for sustainable learning strategies in 2022.

User-Generated Content Makes Learning Effective

UGC can be used to expand upon a training plan and provide guidance on problem-solving, based on real and relatable information.

Using Blockchain to Certify and Strengthen Online Learning

Not just another buzzword, blockchain technology is decentralized, traceable, and immutable—traits that are triggering innovative applications in the learning sector.

Supporting the Modern Workforce with Rapid Authoring Tools

Rapid authoring tools can aid learning designers in addressing ever-changing global training needs. Read KGL’s the top five picks for solutions best suited for the modern workforce.

Creating Learning Experiences that Matter

Don’t confine your learners to tedious and forgettable tasks when you could design engaging and effective experiences that facilitate sticky learning.

Avoiding Bias in Learning Experience Design

Here are some best practices for promoting inclusion and creating effective learning that resonates with a diverse workforce.

Knowledge Sharing: Five Minutes with Kelly Lake, KGL’s Global Head of Corporate Learning

Kelly discusses how organizations are adapting to workforce transformation, how KGL is responding, and what’s next for the industry.

5 Ways to Humanize Virtual Learning

As organizations embrace virtual learning, how can they mitigate feelings of isolation and detachment? Here are a few ways to humanize digital training and keep learners engaged.