Build Trust and Resiliency by Upskilling Your Employees

As the reality of the coronavirus pandemic becomes business as usual—with organizations settling in for long-term remote working at the same time that market uncertainty drags down staff morale—upskilling your workforce can both increase motivation and provide direct business benefits.

Even during normal times, employees appreciate the opportunity to update their skills and remain relevant. Usually, conflicting priorities and lack of resources can get in the way of on-the-job career development. With many employees now working from home in isolation and limited interaction with their colleagues, providing opportunities to sharpen their skills supports staff wellbeing while setting the stage for improved organizational performance.

Skill, Ability, Competence

Progressive companies have always embraced learning and development initiatives to maximize the potential of their staff. But adopting new upskilling approaches in response to the current health crisis need not be costly or complicated, especially with benefits that outweigh the costs. It is easier, more cost-effective, and more practical to address skill gaps in your organization by creating new learning opportunities for your current employees than it is to recruit new staff. The outcomes include motivated employees who are better at their jobs and more inclined to remain committed to the organization.

So how can upskilling work in a lockdown with no possibility for classroom or on-the-job training? Fortunately, organizations have access to all kinds of digital tools, allowing them to choose the best methodology that ensures all three of the key learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) are covered. Companies like KnowledgeWorks Global Learning can design unique programs that bridge the gap between current understanding and desired skills by engaging your teams with videos, micro modules, interactive assessments, and more. The following are some top tips for upskilling your workforce.

Review your competency model

When is the last time you revised your organizational competency map? Associating job titles to key skills is imperative for successful upskilling. Most organizations that have competency maps do not update frequently enough (at least every 3 years) to reflect the changes in skillsets needed by employees and management.

Create custom learning journeys

Digital platforms allow organizations to develop and deliver certification, advanced, or refresher courses for skill levels ranging from new recruits to senior management. Tailored experiences and upskilling paths provide employees with a clear understanding of their learning options and requirements.

Embrace microLearning

Short bursts of task-based learning can accommodate all levels and careers from pilots to paramedics, providing learners with quick, engaging skills development. Solutions like games, videos, and interactive activities keep things interesting and exciting for users while presenting new competences in captivating ways.

Mentor staff with in-house SMEs

Mentoring is critical because employees gain first-hand knowledge from their peers and managers, using case studies and real-life situations. Introducing micro-interactives and scenario-based learning provides real business simulations, allowing the learner to interact with mentors incorporating blended learning approaches.    

Encourage personal development plans

Work with employees to enhance their skillsets while enabling them to strategically move into new positions. Nurturing their talents strengthens the entire organization, encouraging employees to take charge of their own growth plan via multifaceted training options and career pathing.

Businesses should think of investing in upskilling as value-creation and not just a cost. Employees will cherish the time spent learning, fully aware that the organization has helped them emerge from the pandemic better suited to do their jobs. Take the time to invest in your employees’ future and they’ll help you grow into a stronger and more unified organization.

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