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KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. supports organizations in delivering measurable business impact by providing strategic learning, performance consulting, modern workforce strategy, custom learning development, learning technology, managed services, learning outsourcing and content conversion services. We transform your learning and development initiatives and empower your employees to consistently deliver on your business goals. Our full end-to-end perspective allows us to deliver the optimal solution throughout any phase of your learning life cycle.

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Learning Strategy Consulting

Transformation is a challenge organizations are continuously facing. KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. provides the expertise to plan, design, and implement successful learning strategies to ensure measurable outcomes and meet the rapid demand for change.

Through proven methodologies, we will partner with you to analyze your current learning ecosystem and create a blueprint for short- and long-term goals, incorporating Return on Investment (ROI), measurability standards, and industry best practices. Whether your requirements are content development, performance improvement, or learning technology advancements, we provide you the expertise and the right solutions to maximize your learning potential.

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Facilitated Training

Whether traditional instructor-led, flipped classrooms, blended learning, or virtual learning events, we design learning experiences that are engaging and customized to your specific requirements.

Our experts understand how learners need to experience facilitated training to ensure retention and improve performance.

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App Development, Learning Portals, and Platforms

Our teams of experts work with organizations to design and implement the right technology solutions to seamlessly integrate with your learning ecosystem.

From engaging learning apps to learning portals that enable centralized and immersive experiences, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. maximizes your technology footprint while streamlining costs and implementation timelines.

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Learning Management Systems Integration

As part of our complete learning technology services offering, we work with all industry Learning Management Systems (LMS) to integrate all content solutions. These services consist of testing, course loading, system administration, maintenance, and LMS strategic planning and integration. We look at the learner experience as well as the organization’s technology requirements to ensure integration is configured to optimize the learning content, system, and user support model.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. also will customize LMS training materials and design elearning courses for ease of access for ensuring quick and cost-effective accessibility for users and LMS administrators.

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Compliance and Accessibility Consulting

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is a champion of digital equality. Programs that are born accessible open new opportunities to improve learning outcomes for all users. The same technologies and guidelines that improve access to materials for people with visual, hearing, mobility, perceptual, and cognitive limitations are tremendously useful to all customers.

We work with organizations to develop accessible learning assets and interfaces. We ensure your learning has an accessible design, learner-controlled interactions, and meets 508 and WCAG requirements.

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Content Transformation

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. provides content conversion strategy and services to organizations that need to digitize their training into effective learning.

Additionally, with the exit of Flash from the global workforce by 2020, many organizations are confronted with converting their Flash content into sustainable and accessible learning. Our proven process provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to expedite your content transformation.

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Localization and Translation

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. works with you to understand cultural the specifications of your global teams.

We plan, design, and implement global learning requirements providing translation, reengineering, and localization of content across multiple formats in over 45 languages.

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