Our Learning Development Approach

The right solution requires the right approach. Our customers rely on us to analyze and solve the complex challenges they face. We do this by applying KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd.’s understanding of the workplace learning process through our proven design methodology, KGL LEAD+ framework.

A Personalized Approach Allowing Every Type of Learner to Succeed

Personalized Learning

PersonalizedLearningWith the industry focus on the learner, personalized learning is at the forefront of effective instructional design. Designing experiences that are customized to all learning styles is becoming part of every organization’s strategy.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. provides solutions that include an exceptional approach for Return on Investment, increasing engagement and retention, and giving learners timely access to personalized learning on-demand. Consult Our Experts.


MicroLearningToday, more than ever, learners know what they want and how to access it quickly for maximum results. KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. designs microlearning with that in mind.

Providing effective bite-sized learning starts with a well-designed strategy, enabling organizations to provide learning microbursts targeting specific topics for quick accessibility and greater retention. Share Your Requirements.

Rapid Authoring

RapidAuthoringKnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. applies rapid development methodologies to learning design solutions for deployment on multiple devices. This allows learning to be accessed on mobile devices as well as traditional PCs. Rapid authoring is cost-effective, streamlines development cycles, and provides easy access for updates to elearning courses. Get in Touch.

Blended Learning

BlendedLearningAs learners have evolved so has their need for learning experiences. KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. utilizes immersive learning design to create a mix of tools, content, and technologies providing the most inclusive learning journey for learners.

We work with organizations to create the blueprint for successful learner paths, developing the best blend of learning solutions that focuses on skill development and business goals. Contact Our Team.

Mobile Learning

MobileLearningMobile learning design continues to evolve with advancements in technology. Just-in-time performance support provides learners with the access needed to complete learning requirements and acquire knowledge.

Learners expect engaging and visually rich experiences regardless of the device utilized. KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. designs unique user experiences, giving your learners the most interactive and engaging mobile experience. Let’s Talk.

Emerging Learning Approaches

EmergingLearningApproachesAs an industry leader, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd., provides new innovative approaches to learning design. We work with organizations to push the boundaries of existing learning strategies.

Serving as your global strategic partner, we consult and provide you out-of-the-box solutions, demonstrating how you can move your organization to the next level of immersive learning.

Through new approaches, including Adaptive Learning, Interactive Videos, Augmented Learning and AI, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. develops prototypes with your content so you can see the full potential of your learning capabilities. We Can Help.