Learning Transformation

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is an industry leader in learning transformation and the modern workforce. With our extensive experience working with all types of organizations, from global to industry-specific, we apply our end-to-end methodologies to transform your current state of learning into optimized performance outcomes. With the onset of global challenges we are currently facing, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is focused on innovative approaches to move organizations through to the next phase of their learning transformation.

Deploying our new technologies, advanced instructional design techniques, and modern visual approaches allows you to better align learners to initiatives obtaining transformational results.

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Leadership Development

Creating effective leadership training is a critical requirement organizations face today. With the ongoing demand on leaders, not having a world-class learning program in place prevents them from acquiring specific skills, tools and behaviors to lead and drive performance.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. creates compelling experiential training for leaders and future leaders, optimizing leading-edge technologies and instructional design to address all learning styles. Our solutions focus on learning so your leaders can focus on leading.

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Leadership Development


Organizations are constantly evolving, so implementing new systems/applications is essential. KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. specializes in designing and developing experiences that accelerate the learning process.

We serve learners’ requirements with business simulations that allow employees to demonstrate competencies on new systems/applications necessary to perform their jobs. Our solutions ensure business continuity while improving learning retention for your full project lifecycle.

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Compliance and Risk

Staying ahead of compliance requirements and delivering accurate training demand a strategic partner with relevant experience and the ability to mitigate risk. We work with organizations to ensure that solutions comply with industry-specific requirements.

Introducing new learning approaches into your strategy enables learners to engage in new ways. Our enhanced interactivity in courses, game-based learning and microlearning designs—coupled with technology integration—close the learning gap and protect your organization.

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Sales Enablement

In the modern digital setting, sales enablement training needs to encompass all aspects of the sales cycle focusing on technology to facilitate on-demand learning. Sales teams require access to knowledge 24/7 to better perform and deliver results their employers expect.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. understands sales enablement is an ongoing process. We design solutions that provide micro approaches to learning which allow quick access to virtual resources for mobile workforces. We design video-based and mobile learning with targeted outcomes providing organizations with empowered learning.

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Change Management

With organizational change come opportunities to educate and invest in employee development. KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. provides organizations with the strategy to build top-performing teams through innovative learning design. We introduce new learning techniques to organizations to effectively promote change through interactivity and measurability.

Implementing robust change management methodologies, interactive learning, and industry best practices, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is your partner of choice.

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