Virtual Induction Blended Experience

Remote Onboarding for New Employees

With a major paradigm shift at the workplace, processes that used to be carried out only in person are now being done remotely. Virtual onboarding can ensure that all new employees are effectively integrated into their new roles and clearly understand their organization’s mission, values, culture, and polices.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. has developed an innovative approach to virtual onboarding. The Virtual Induction Blended Experience (VIBE) combines a virtual roadmap, gamification, embedded videos, AI Chatbots, virtual mentor, augmented reality, virtual humans, and digital performance support providing an engaging and interactive experience—resulting in increased retention and shorter time after hire until new employees are fully productive.

VIBE offers employees a holistic approach to onboarding utilizing dynamic tools that provide collaborative engagement, standardized processes, instant feedback, and early and consistent interaction with management and teams. Organizations can now offer an inclusive virtual approach to solve the challenges of the remote workforce from induction to continuous learning.


  • Provides real-time onboarding with an engaging online solution focusing on the employee’s experience

  • Expedites pre-onboarding process for employees to learn in a collaborative environment

  • Combines informative videos and gamification to provide an interactive learning experience

  • Allows new employees to learn about the company from any location, at any time

  • Provides realistic virtual human interaction, promoting quicker comprehension

  • Is a scalable learning solution for onboarding and on-the-job training

  • Offers gamification than can be augmented to meet upskilling needs beyond onboarding

  • Engages managers in the onboarding process, increasing collaboration and clarifying employee role expectations

  • Incorporates virtual mentoring for ongoing support throughout the development process

  • Includes Augmented Reality for an immersive experience, increasing knowledge retention and engagement

Connect with and engage new employees no matter where they are. With VIBE’s gamification, new employees not only learn about but experience their organization’s history, culture, policies, benefits, and structure through interactive learning.


At ATD TechKnowledge 2022, Kelly Lake demonstrated VIBE during the Taste of Tech demo sessions. Click play below to watch the recording.