How Millennials Like To Learn

GenExperience is a design framework to support workplace learning in the 2020s. It leverages research-based insights into Millennials and their attitudes to work and incorporates a stepwise approach that engages employees in each phase of the design process.

56 million

Millennials are now in the U.S. labor force, the largest generational cohort at 35%. (Pew)


of Millennials look for jobs at organizations where they will have access to training, workshops, and company-funded postgraduate schooling. (Impraise)


of Millennials say offering career training and development would keep them from leaving their current position. (Instructure/Bridge)


of Millennials value freedom at the workplace, making choices for themselves and a measure of independence. (Intelligence Group/Forbes)

Only 42%

of Millennials said their current employers provide adequate learning, development and training opportunities. (Udemy)

Only 49%

of Millennials are pleased with training and development programs at their company. (LaSalle)

How GenExperience Helps You Train Millennials

  • Practical and directly implementable

  • Comprises a vast toolkit that combines rapid prototyping, co-creation, curation, agile development and formative testing

  • Creates learner adoption for training, ensuring a high “pull” quotient for training by socializing solutions early and leveraging informal networks within the organization to promote the learning solutions

  • Directly engages employees in learner-driven needs identification, design and co-creation of solutions

  • Focuses on solutions that embed learning into the regular workflow, which Millennials show a marked preference for

  • Leverages research-based insights into Millennials and their attitudes to workplace learning