How Millennials Like To Learn

GenExperience is a design framework to support workplace learning in the 2020s. It leverages research-based insights into Millennials and their attitudes to work and incorporates a stepwise approach that engages employees in each phase of the design process.


of Millennial employees believe learning is the key to success in their careers. (Statista)


of the global workforce will be made up of Millennials by 2025. (Deloitte)

Less than 50%

of Millennial employees say they have had
opportunities at work to learn and grow within the past year. (Gallup)


of Millennials say they would quit their current job in the next 2 years citing lack of learning
and development opportunities in their top 3 reasons. (Deloitte)


of female Millennials in the US choose
companies based on the opportunity for professional skill development. (Statista)

$30.5 billion

is what the US economy loses every year due to Millennial turnover. (Gartner/Gallup)

How GenExperience Helps You Train Millennials

  • Practical and directly implementable

  • Comprises a vast toolkit that combines rapid prototyping, co-creation, curation, agile development and formative testing

  • Creates learner adoption for training, ensuring a high “pull” quotient for training by socializing solutions early and leveraging informal networks within the organization to promote the learning solutions

  • Directly engages employees in learner-driven needs identification, design and co-creation of solutions

  • Focuses on solutions that embed learning into the regular workflow, which Millennials show a marked preference for

  • Leverages research-based insights into Millennials and their attitudes to workplace learning