Why Opt for High-Quality, Custom Animated Videos?

High-Quality, Custom AnimationsAn animation is a powerful tool that can grab a learner’s attention and increase retention. Impactful visuals, combined with audio narration in animations, make it easy to explain complex ideas, processes, or concepts. The overall learning experience becomes exciting and engaging.

There are two basic methods for developing animation for training: custom-made animation and template-based animated video. Both have pros and cons, and it comes down to the two most influential factors: time and money. A custom-made animation requires more effort, which of course, means a bigger investment. An animation based on a ready-to-use template is simple and requires less effort; it is cost-effective and expedient. However, the custom design doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can easily achieve a tailor-made solution within your budget that suits your business needs without compromising quality. Here are some benefits of investing in high-quality, custom animated videos.

Engaging the Audience

Custom animations are more appealing than template-based animations. They are designed to engage the target user of your product specifically. All aspects of the animation such as characters, animation style, transitions, and choice of typeface, are custom designed with the demographic, cultural, generational, and social norms of the user in mind. In this process, the animators have a scope to define various effects and ways to introduce smooth movement and fluid actions. Learners, especially tech-savvy millennials, get easily bored when they have to go through repetitive and predictable processes that are common in template-based educational animations. It is more effective to develop engaging, high-quality animations that hold the attention of your learners so they can better relate and remain engaged.

Boosting Creativity

Template-based animation tools may come with a vast asset library. However, you may find limited options in the design process. Custom animation, on the other hand, offers more control over resources and features that can boost your creativity. Many factors such as the characters’ appearance, the settings, color palette, and WCAG compatibility need to be considered while designing an animated video. While scripting a custom animation, you can focus on the message and learning objectives as you turn your idea into reality.

Strengthening Your Brand

Template-based animations, though convenient, do little to define your brand identity. There is also a risk of clashing with similar pre-made elements that your competitors may have used. Tailor-made animations can manifest your unique brand values. Applying consistent colors and styles will reinforce your brand’s impact. You can change the tone of your animation with your brand personality. You can even add elements like logos and mascots to help learners relate to your products. The engaging power of branded animations allows you to build affinity with your target audience.

As a case in point, cyber security training is essential for the workforce in these times of remote working. Would you bet on just another template-based “cookie cutter” animation, or opt for a customized video for an essential cyber security training solution? The custom animation could be a character-based interactive experience that enables active participation in the course and enhances core knowledge retention. A template-based animation is a good option if you are simply creating supplemental resources for your learners. The latter are simple, inexpensive, and user-friendly; but if you want to craft a unique story for your brand and deliver business-critical information effectively, custom animated videos are worth the investment.

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