KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. named a Top 20 Experiential Learning Technologies Company by Training Industry for the third consecutive year, in 2023

Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, today announced its selections for the 2023 Top Training Companies™ lists for the Experiential Learning Technologies.

“The companies chosen for this year’s Top Experiential Learning Technologies list represent an innovative set of providers who deliver immersive technologies and experiences for their learners through advanced features and techniques,“ said Jessica Schue, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “Leveraging innovative technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR), simulations, interactive content, serious gaming and advanced gamification, these companies have shown successful outcomes in learner retention, improved soft skills, better onboarding experiences and so much more.”

Selection to the 2023 Training Industry Top Experiential Learning Technologies Companies lists was based on the following criteria:

  • Breadth, quality and advancement of features, capabilities and analytics.
  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact in the learning technologies training market.
  • Client and user representation.
  • Business performance and growth.

Rohan Kohli, KGL’s Head of Corporate Learning said, “KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is pleased to be part of the Experiential Learning Technologies Top 20 set. Our customers know we bring top notch learning design and cutting-edge technology solutions to address their business challenges, and this recognition endorses our work in the best possible way.”

Click here to read the announcement from Training Industry. For more information on how KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. can develop successful learning solutions to help you achieve your learning and performance goals, please contact: