The Business Challenge

Our client, the CJK Group, is a versatile group of companies doing business in the following fields:

  • Offset and Digital Book Printing and Fulfillment
  • Catalog, Education, Publications, and Commercial Printing
  • Content Services and Online Hosting Provider to Journal, Book, and Magazine Publishers
  • Book, Journal, Magazine, and Catalog Printing and Publishing
  • Book and Commercial Printing

The imperative for the CJK Group was to create a safe, incident-free workplace for their warehouse crane operators. Though there are established standards and guidelines to ensure that cranes and hoists and their associated rigging are inspected, maintained, and operated safely, CJK couldn’t claim they had a zero-incident workplace.

CJK tasked KGL with designing safety training to create a workplace without incidents where safe use of cranes, hoists, and lifting devices was the order of the day.


KGL designed a 30-minute online course covering the 4 keys to a safe workplace:

  1. Crane Safety: Need, Rules, and Requirements
  2. Lifting Devices: Types and Workings
  3. Working Load Limits (WLL) and Other Requirements
  4. Visual Inspections

The course was developed using an industry-standard rapid authoring platform and included custom interactions. Simplicity is the hallmark of the learning experience. Intuitive navigation, harmony between visuals and content, and a high engagement quotient was baked into the design of the course.

Solution Highlights

  • Top notch information design
  • An uncluttered layout
  • High engagement value
  • Progress checks
  • Quick access menu
  • Packing rich resources (e.g., the Crane Inspection Checklist) on top of the course design


The CJK group is on the path to a zero-incident workplace with reduced employee time off work and injury reports.

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