5 L&D Trends to Watch in 2024

As the world of EdTech continues to level up, let’s dive into the five hottest L&D trends of 2024.

1. Generative AI will change the landscape of content creation.

Generative AI is ready to dominate 2024 as AI tools are now catering to most aspects of digital learning, such as content, graphics, and audio. At present, ChatGPT is leading the charge for AI-generated content with 100 million weekly users. These include learning designers that ChatGPT is enabling to create engaging real-world scenarios and facilitate assessments in a short period of time. With Microsoft’s Copilot competing constantly to offer a better product and Google’s Gemini on the horizon, generative AI will only get better in the new year.

2. Upskilling and reskilling programs will unlock learning potential.

As AI and other technological platforms evolve in 2024, so will the need for the modern workforce to upskill, reskill, and add to their knowledge base. As a result, self-paced online learning platforms will continue to thrive and attract a wide variety of learners. From learning hands-on skills (such as a new AI tool) to earning industry-recognized credentials (such as a Data Analytics Professional Certificate), the popularity of these learning platforms is expected to increase significantly in the upcoming year.

3. Digital academies will offer strategically aligned learning journeys.

To address long-term strategic outcomes, more and more business organizations will create digital academies that focus on building agile skillsets and empowering their modern workforce. These platforms will identify specific skill gaps, and offer specialized training programs that facilitate employee growth and development. In 2024, digital academies will continue to offer purpose-driven learning pathways that encourage self-directed learning and career advancement.

4. Nano learning will help digital natives learn and thrive.

Buoyed by a growing Gen Z learner base, the pace of content consumption will continue to rise in 2024 as time commitment sustains its downward trend. Learning on the go with the help of bite-sized learning solutions—such as short video clips, animations, and podcasts—will remain the norm. Small bursts of content, accessible on your smartphones, will continue to offer convenience and flexibility to help you fit learning into your busy schedule seamlessly.

5. Adaptive platforms will take personalized learning to the next level.

With the growing need for customized learning solutions that suit the diverse needs and preferences of corporate learners, AI-driven adaptive learning platforms will make learning truly personalized in 2024. By tracking each individual learner’s data, such as learning progress, content engagement, and work performance, adaptive learning platforms—such as Knewton Alta—will help trainers curate optimal training content, adjust learning levels, and offer tailored solutions for each learner. Personalized learning is here to stay and help you maximize your potential.

These eLearning trends are poised to transform the way you will learn in 2024 and beyond. Are you ready to embrace the future?

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