Our Work

Here’s a sneak peak at what we do! To learn more or view an extended version of our portfolio, do contact us. We highly welcome the opportunity to showcase our work as well as partner with you to develop innovative learning solutions to meet your strategic goals.

Uploading Content on the Box

Unboxing Cenveo

Types of Roles: Decisional

TUV: The Rescue Chain

TUV: Actions to Avoid

Actions to Avoid During an Emergency

The Full Stack

Interactive, responsive courseware that sensitizes IT managers on the need for a DevOps culture and how it can enhance performance.

The Accounting Equation

SWOT Analysis

Small Group Member Roles & Voted ID Laws

Sage: Production Process

Nutrition Facts Label

Microlearning addressing fitness professionals on changes to fitness labelling and how interpret new labels


Marketing video that makes a pitch for an iPad-based tool to accurately identify learning disabilities among students who are not native English speakers.

Market Segmentation

Market Equilibrium


Kadena Agile Fulfillment

How to Break Even

Hilltop Hotel

Haddon Matrix Assessment

This solution will help senior members of a first-response team and safety auditors to assess why an emergency occurred and how it can be avoided in the future.

Geothermal Power Plant

MHE Science Videos

Gas Poisoning

This solution will help the first-response team to apply their learning in a real life emergency situation effectively.

Fitness Program Design

Microlearning addressing fitness professionals on the essentials of designing a fitness program

Field Triage

Fainting: Causes and Emergency Treatment

Electric Motors

MHE Science Videos


The Threat to Businesses from Cyberspace

Communicating Ethically in the Workplace

Microlearning developed to be part of induction training describing appropriate workplace behavior

Clinical Trials

Compliance training for Investigators of clinical trials conducted by pharmaceutical companies.

Cenveo: An Inclusive Future

Cash and Chips

Big Data

A Facial for Mrs. Saunders

White Orchid Spa