Our Work

Here’s a sneak peak at what we do! To learn more or view an extended version of our portfolio, do contact us. We highly welcome the opportunity to showcase our work as well as partner with you to develop innovative learning solutions to meet your strategic goals.

5 Ways to a Blockbuster ROI on Training

This marketing video uses motion graphics laced with icons, infographics, and characters to present a scenario explaining how to ensure ROI on training.

Actions to Avoid

Actions to Avoid During an Emergency

Audit One Out!

This game is designed for forklift operators to learn the basic safety procedures. It uses engaging illustrations and exciting gameplay to keep learners engrossed in this game.

Banking and Financial Services (BFSI)

This course is designed to help banking employees to recall and follow the rules and regulations with respect to accepting deposits and issuing checks. It uses an interactive video to present a scenario-based assessment for learners to practice their understanding.

Big Data


CAE Storyline – Pilot Training

This is an Articulate Storyline-based interactive simulation that addresses unusual emergency procedures during a flight. The simulation uses immersive videos and interactivities to demonstrate the different emergency procedures during a flight and how to address them.

Cash ‘n’ Chips

This simulation mimics the environment and conditions of running a real-life food cart. It allows accounting and finance students to explore, learn, and practice the on-the-job tasks and also helps them improve their decision-making skills.

Cleaning and Sanitizing to Prevent Cross-Contamination

This interactive lesson provides detailed explanations, examples, and scenarios to emphasize the need for cleaning and sanitizing procedures to prevent cross-contamination. It also provides various opportunities for learners to evaluate their knowledge.

Clinical Trials

Compliance training for Investigators of clinical trials conducted by pharmaceutical companies.

Communicating Ethically in the Workplace

Microlearning developed to be part of induction training describing appropriate workplace behavior

Creating a Culture of Communication, Collaboration, Sharing, and Experimentation

This video uses real photographs and simple transition effects to illustrate a scenario explaining the importance of establishing a sense of open communication across an organization and its role in the organization's growth.

Crucial Conversations

This course uses a mix of static and interactive screens to present a three-part communication framework—Prepare, Discuss, and Wrap-Up—that helps managers engage in productive dialogue with employees, deliver effective feedback to employees, and guide employees toward growth and success.


The Threat to Businesses from Cyberspace

Digital Transformation

This short course describes the steps required to convert an ILT training to eLearning with the help of a static screen; an interactive screen that supports onscreen text with embedded video clips; and an interactive knowledge check.

Dynamic Mail Communications

By using the infographic style, we have created an explainer marketing video on dynamic mail communications management, which is possible via our technology platform Kadena.

Electric Vehicle Training

This course helps learners get familiar with different types of electric vehicles and their components using a combination of sleek static screens and rich illustrative, interactive videos.

Emergency: Fuel Pressure Low

This interactive video presents a situation that may be encountered by pilots of the KA350. It uses an interesting combination of graphic novel style and simulated interactive video to build a scenario and allows the learners to react to the situation.

Evolution towards Integration

This interactive lesson provides detailed explanations, examples, and scenarios to describe the scope, benefits, and key points of integrated service management. It uses innovative templates, infographics, and photographs to make the content engaging.

Facial for Mrs. Saunders

This customized interactive solution simulates the experience of performing a facial treatment for a customer. It allows learners to practice the step-by-step procedure in a safe environment.

Fainting: Causes and Emergency Treatment

Using the papermation animation style where paper cut-outs are manipulated by hand under a static camera, this video takes the learners through a case of fainting or unconsciousness. It educates learners about its common causes, first aid, precautions, and symptoms.

Field Triage

This is a highly interactive, customized simulation that tests learners' knowledge of field triage and its application. It presents a real-life scenario with outcomes based on the learners' responses.

Fitness Program Design

Microlearning addressing fitness professionals on the essentials of designing a fitness program

Forklift Safety Basics

This interactive video discusses everyday situations encountered by a newly-hired forklift operator. It also allows learners to apply their learning by selecting the correct choices for the presented problems.

Gas Poisoning

This solution will help the first-response team to apply their learning in a real life emergency situation effectively.

Haddon Matrix Assessment

This solution will help senior members of a first-response team and safety auditors to assess why an emergency occurred and how it can be avoided in the future.

Hilltop Hotel

This assessment helps front desk executives in hotels to handle customer inquiry calls effectively through an immersive experience. It also provides specific feedback on the trainee's responses.

HL Nutrition and Care

This is an interactive solution designed to create personalized health and wellness programs for individuals and corporations. It asks a series of questions about a diabetic diet and lifestyle, and then suggests the best diet for diabetic patients based on their responses.


This learning video uses a mix of icons, infographics, and motion graphics to explain the various services that the CJK Group—a global leader in print, content, digital, creative, fulfillment, and professional services—has to offer.

Intelsat 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

This slideshow video uses engaging images and audio to explain the features and benefits of the 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan to new hires and also helps them understand how to access the T. Rowe Price platform and update their details.

Interviewing Skills

This course uses a variety of interactive screens and illustrated animations to present content that helps employees sharpen their interviewing skills and educates them about the interviewing processes and techniques.

Kadena Agile Fulfillment

This infographic-style video introduces Kadena, a technology platform. We can develop similar videos that bring abstract concepts to life in three minutes or fewer and serve as the perfect introduction to more detailed discussions on a topic.

Kentucky Plant Tour

This is a short live-action video explaining the digital printing process of books.

KGL: An Inclusive Future

This video lays out the organization's vision for an inclusive future and describes how the accessibility services they provide move them closer to that future.

Leadership Training

This course explains various aspects of leadership training across six modules—leadership skills; communication skills; interviewing skills; conflict resolution; coaching for greater performance; and preventing harassment, discrimination, and retaliation—using a mix of static and interactive screens, knowledge checks, and a variety of online and offline activities.

This link represents a single section entitled ""Effective Leadership"" from Module 1: Leadership Skills.

Managed Supply

This infographic-style explainer marketing video shows how our technology platform Kadena can help clients manage their entire supply chain.

Market Equilibrium

Market Segmentation

Navigator Reviewer Training

This course is designed to help reviewers interpret the Quality Standards for Training Design and Delivery developed by The National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training to help learners easily find high-quality online training. It also helps reviewers understand how to use the Reviewer Tool to assess the quality of an online training.

News Crammed with Sarah Bland #Top 10 Tips for Writing Business Emails

This lesson makes adult learners stay engaged and learn the top 10 tips for writing business emails that are presented by guest speakers during various segments of a hysterical news show.

NIBCO – Code of Ethics in Business

This course is designed to explain a company's code of ethics and business conduct to its new employees. The course uses a variety of interactive templates and practice interactions to explain the concepts.

Nutrition Facts Label

Microlearning addressing fitness professionals on changes to fitness labelling and how interpret new labels

Online Public Inspection File (OPIF): What You Need to Know

The course includes 7 modules and uses a mix of presentation templates, different interactivity templates, and scenario-based presentations to deliver the content. The course begins with an overview of the OPIF system, followed by modules on the records to be maintained by the broadcast stations and the FCC and additional guidelines. Political files are discussed in a separate module because the rules for political files differ from the rules for other files.

Performance Management

This course uses video slideshows to explain the various aspects of Intelsat's performance management process, which include setting goals and competencies, ensuring continuous feedback, and conducting productive performance reviews.
The course also includes two animated scenarios that demonstrate how managers should carry out performance conversations.

Performance Support

This is an interactive performance tool for employees to quickly lookup the important medical terms. This tool uses interactive flashcards and a quiz for learners to practice their knowledge.

Political Advertising Primer

This course includes 7 modules and uses a mix of interactive screens , scenarios, and interactions. Each module emphasizes one of the seven rules and covers the most relevant information with engaging visuals and an interactive design. To reiterate each rule, each module includes a scenario-based activity, concerning a candidate running an election campaign.

Safety Training

This course uses interactive teach screens, targeted knowledge checks, and an end-of-course quiz to familiarize operators as well as non-operators at CJK group with the various safety rules, requirements, and practices related to cranes as well as other lifting equipment.

Sage: Production Process

This animation uses a mixed media approach to explain the publishing process. The most striking feature of the video is the smooth transition between animation and live action.

Select Marketing Video

This learning video uses a mix of icons, infographics, and motion graphics to explain the requirement and features of Sheridan Select, a revolutionary print management system.

Small Group Member Roles & Voter ID Laws

This interactive video discusses the roles of individuals in a small group. It allows the learners to select a specific role to explore, and later, explains the American voter ID laws with questions at intervals to check learners' understanding.

Smart Proof

This short video demonstrates three ways of adding a reference in Smart Proof, which is an online proofing solution. It takes learners through the step-by-step process, explaining the importance of each step.

Soft Skills for Chat Assistants

We designed this solution to help chat assistants create a positive experience, and drive customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It uses animated videos and rich illustrations to explain the concept. It also presents a scenario-based assessment for learners to practice their understanding.

SWOT Analysis

This video uses stylized art and effective animation to unfold the process of SWOT analysis. It defines the concept first and then uses examples to explain it.

Thalya and Thalya-Plus

This course uses a variety of interactive teach screens and engaging knowledge checks to help learners understand the technical aspects of Thalya and Thalya-Plus, which are medical devices that help dental professionals automate the maintenence of rotary instruments.
These technical aspects include the steps needed to establish electrical and pneumatic connections for both devices, install both devices, and activate treatment cycles in both devices.

The Full Stack

Interactive, responsive courseware that sensitizes IT managers on the need for a DevOps culture and how it can enhance performance.

The Internet of Things

This solution introduces new hires to the world of IoT (Internet of Things). It uses interactivity, timeline, and animation to discuss the history and development of IoT.

The Rescue Chain

This video is a quick solution created by animating PowerPoint slides. It helps learners understand the steps they should take to initiate the rescue chain during a crisis as first responders.

Types of Roles: Decisional

This explainer video presents the content using real photographs and tree diagrams. It describes managerial roles as decision-makers and their aspects.

Unboxing KGL

This marketing video uses high-quality illustrations and animation to describe the various services offered across the organization's publishing sector.

Uploading Content on the Box

This video demonstrates the three different ways of uploading content to Box.com. The narration is designed to be inclusive, not intimidating, to even starter-level users, while the visuals are focused on the process.

Virtual Onboarding

This solution combines gamification and animated videos to provide an interactive and engaging experience of the virtual onboarding process to an organization's new joiners.