KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. launches webinar series with discussion on ‘Financial Services Learning Trends 2021’

Inaugural live webcast on February 10 at 11am ET to feature industry experts debating new approaches to workforce enablement

Financial Services Learning Trends 2021KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL), which was recently named by Training Industry as a Top 20 Experiential Learning Technologies Company for 2021, is launching a new series of hosted webinars featuring rotating industry experts discussing the latest trends in learning and performance.

The series will kick off on February 10, 2021 at 11am Eastern Time with the webinar, “Financial Services Learning Trends 2021: New Approach to Workforce Enablement.” Speakers will include Wendy Lee Austin, a wealth management consultant and former CLO of BNY Mellon Wealth Management; William Keyles, VP and Director of Learning & Development at Marlborough, MA-based Main Street Bank; and Kelly Lake, Global Head of Corporate Learning at KGL.

The webinar will cover the transformation of the financial services market in the last year, resulting in new approaches to virtual learning, the customer experience, technology, security and automation. The panel will discuss how financial institutions have pivoted to adopt mobile-first approaches to meet the demand of customers and the growing remote workforce. More information and the recording are available on the KGL website.

Commenting on one of the top learning trends in financial services this year, Wendy Austin said, “In order for wealth management firms to stay competitive in learning in 2021, they will need to implement new technology (like AI and ML, and more robust analytics), and improve the overall client experience by understanding the client’s unique needs and expectations.”

Bill Keyles added, “For many mid-size organizations, the training delivery paradigm has shifted with how we approach educating the workforce and customers alike. Where the classroom or dedicated virtual platform was our one-stage approach to teaching the masses, we must now rethink how to deliver the same quality training using various digital experiences for all generations.”

For more information on this important discussion and to view the recording, please click below.