The Business Challenge

A major global automobile manufacturer was looking to encourage customers to start booking their service appointments online instead of in person or on the phone. For this to happen, employees of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the dealers had to be the change that the company wanted to see.

This meant training customer-facing employees on the Online Service Booking (OSB) features available to the OEM’s frontline employees. The goal was that they would then make customers aware about the service and how hassle-free it was to make an online booking!

The dealer version of the training had its own specific challenges. Some dealers were integrated into the OEM’s Dealer Management System (DMS)—a platform that helps dealers get their certification for aftersales services and allows both employees and customers to use the OSB application seamlessly—and some were not.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL) was tasked to build two separate learning paths: one for DMS-integrated dealers and one for those not integrated yet.

An objective of the learning path for dealers not integrated into the DMS was to drive home how convenient it is for both customers and the dealer’s employees to be DMS-integrated because the service calendar flows seamlessly from the DMS and customers are immediately able to see available slots and book services!


KGL created an experiential online learning course that is engaging and provides an intuitive and innovative way for their National Marketing and Sales Companies (NMSCs) and dealership employees to increase their understanding of the Online Service Booking (OSB) application and meet their performance goals.

To achieve this, KGL designed a visually rich learning approach to ensure learner engagement and knowledge consistency.

The 3 key drivers in determining the learning strategy and approach for the course were:

  • The nature of content
  • The two cohorts (OEM employees and dealers)
  • Integration status with DMS

To expedite course delivery, KGL chose to develop the course using industry-standard rapid authoring platforms with responsive design accessible on smartphones and tablets.

KGL created exclusive learning paths for the cohorts, so each audience would only see content relevant to them. KGL used a mix of presentation templates, different interactivity templates, animations, and screen capture videos to deliver the content.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) was the North Star of all design decisions made in the creation of all training materials.


The client was extremely happy with the comprehensive training solution provided on a relatively short turnaround. The Train-the-Trainer program and the supporting material helped to introduce and excite supervisors about the online course. The participation reports are encouraging and indicate a positive cultural shift in the organization’s learning approach.

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