Online retail warehouse

For Online Retailers Navigating COVID-19, Staff Training is Essential

Protecting staff and ensuring business continuity requires robust training for employees on safety—but also for functions like upskilling, leadership, employee induction, and conflict resolution.
Social distancing while working from home

Bridging Social Distance While Working from Home

Six effective tips to stave off feelings of isolation, strengthen team bonding, and enhance employee wellbeing while working remotely.

Top 7 Learning and Performance Industry Trends for 2020

KnowledgeWorks Global Learning shares the the latest industry trends you need to know to enhance your organizational productivity.
KGL's Sanjay Tangri and Kelly Lake at DevLearn 2019KGL's Sanjay Tangri and Kelly Lake at DevLearn 2019

Lessons from DevLearn 2019

KGL's Kelly Lake provides a summary of this year's Devlearn Expo, October 23-24 in Las Vegas.